Closing night of VN International Fashion Week 2014 | Vietnam International Fashion Week

The ao dai collection “Drought and Rain” by Cong Tri closed the first international fashion week in Vietnam on Saturday night.

The closing ceremony was broadcast live on VTV3 channel, sending to local audience a great joy of Vietnam’s fashion industry that has been named on the global fashion map.

Chairperson Quynh Trang of the Vietnam International Fashion Week expressed her pleasure at the success of an international fashion week ever held in Vietnam so far, and thanked organizers, designers, models, artists and those who have made contributions to the event.

For his part, President of the Asian Couture Federation (ACF) Frank Cintamani said he was proud of what Vietnamese colleagues have done during the fashion week. He announced that designer Hoang Minh Ha has been admitted to the ACF after designer Cong Tri. This is a great honour for Hoang Minh Ha – champion of Project Runway 2014.

The gala night ended with the song “My Kool Vietnam” by famous singer Thanh Bui and the introduction of an Ao Dai (long dress) collection by Cong Tri under the theme “Han han va nhung con mua” (Drought and Rain).

The most outstanding designs by participating designers were also performed on the night.

Some pictures of the closing night:

Singer Thao Trang opens the night by the song “Fashionista”.

 Designs by Le Thanh Hoa.

Designs by Li Lam.

Adrian Anh Tuan

Designs by Hoang Hai.

Designs by Hoang Minh Ha.

Designs by Cong Tri.

Designs by Chung Thanh Phong.

Designs by Ly Giam Tien.

Designs by Roj Singhakul, Thailand.

 Ao dai designed by Cong Tri.

Thanh Bui sings “My Kool Vietnam” to close the night.

Vietnamese and international designers.

Ms. Quynh Trang, Chair of the VN International Fashion Week.

Hoang Minh Ha receives the certificate of the Asian Courture Federation.