NA HONG SAM – Creative Director

  • 2007 Bronze medal for new design collection
  • 2008 Attended the uniform design competition – Our Heroes (currently known as Nexen Heroes)
  • 2008 Attended the Rendez-Vous Femme Paris Fair – France
  • 2008~2009 Champion of Talented Designer competition organized by Kolon Industries Fashion Institute (FIK)
  • 2009 Launched the brand “SEID” “CONCEPT –LAB”
  • 2009 Leading designer of the brand “CONCEPT –LAB”
  • 2010 Designers of such brands as APM/UUS/Designer Club
  • 2011 Attended the regional fashion training course for designers at Souel Technology & Manufacture Institute – South Korea hosted by Kazakhstan
  • 2011 7-year celebration of Na Hong Sam’s designing career
  • 2008~2012   Attended the introduction show of Seoul Fashion Week
  • 2012 Attended “TOP Designer” program by every1 channel of MBC (TOP 6)
  • 2013 Collaborated with Beaucre Band of player
  • 2013~2016  Leader of the designing team for “Generalidea” brand
  • 2016 Creative Director of THIRD Company

The theme of the Spring Summer 2017 collection of THIRD is the playground.

THIRD is currently thinking of designing a wardrobe in which they will place their clothes that they want to wear, the comfortable clothes that people can wear when engaged in cultural activities. In everyday life like having fun and entertaining TPO, will not be too hard and no matter where you are, you can confidently show off your own colored clothes. Sometimes it's a bit naughty, and sometimes it makes me (us) more athletic.