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Atelier Chardon Savard

Top 3 student from one of the most reputated fashion academy Atelier Chardon Savard :

Marion Besenbruch
Marion Besenbruch feels comfortable in a world of madness and ambivalence, in the darkest darkness of her own privacy, and the metamorphosis of her life. Marion ran away in a universe in pink complexion, wrought utopia and hesitation, hiding behind her dreams and forgot to live, but especially to neglect her true passion and purpose in life; the fashion.

Awaking one night affected with revelation and madness, she decided to change her hair cut and dyed in red, a symbol of her metamorphosis. Her passion for black and all shades begun to lead. Her studies at the Atelier Chardon Savard enable her to materialize her new identity.

The metamorphosis of her life is underway. Through her physical and personal innovations, Marion becomes a sophisticated and ambivalent woman.

Her creative journey and transformation plunges us into a shadowy and unreal world. The more she discovers injury and the more her desire to create increased. An oppressive feeling comes to her mind, wanting to reinterpret the black, taking him to draw a road in the dark, and developing a theatrical world, dreamlike and profound.


Arthur Avellano

There is in the bareness of the universe of Arthur Avellano a search for perfection which is quite moving ... a kind of desire to sublime, which may not yet dare to express itself however completely and can not dare white since purity is so perfect that it feels too far from reach. The color also interests him but he uses variations in a Soulages way and tries to seduce us so. 
If the medium is the fashion show, his approach thanks to its initial training at École des Beaux Arts before he specialized in fashion design at Atelier Chardon Savard in Paris, is essentially artistic. Interested in creating an event more than the garment itself. General concept, design and manufacturing of clothing, as well as the casting of models and  scenography entirely participate in his vision. He attempts a kind of painting in fashion as, in his view,  art is forever reinventing what should and could exist ...
 His collection has already caught the attention of the greatest, he won the 2015 Who’s Next award and has shown at the famous Paris trade show in september, and has been invited to show this fall in Milan (Italy)  at another international trade show.



Françoise by Léa Cellier

Léa is a techno chameleon, a ball of energy that is scattered to gather better. Explode gray shackles of misogyny, revealing the soul and uniqueness. Sublimate personalities, give rise to wide smiles. You already see her waving to another battle, leaving you some neon yellow dust and a certain sensation of faith and power.

Her life is a reflection of his creative fervor: anarchic, disjointed, and passionate. The stability of her studies at Atelier Chardon Savard for the past 5 years is her frame. Her own body is the support of her creations and his eccentricities: Léa plays with her appearance like with her clothes. She shaves her eyebrows, discolors and re-colors hair, cut and cut them again.

Lea soon discovers the unhealthy importance physical appearance in human relationships. Trying to be ugly by wearing unfashionable clothes; shifted, she creates looks to exist through something other than the way she looks. Hide her body. "I want the women to exist by its draws, for her personality, for what they really are ..."


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