Vietnam couture closing to be presented at Vietnam International Fashion Week | Vietnam International Fashion Week

Many designers such as Cong Tri, Hoang Hai, Le Thanh Hoa, etc, presented their favorite designs at the second press conference of Vietnam International Fashion Week.

In the middle: Ms. Le Thi Quynh Trang, production director of VIFW and Frank Cintamani – founding president of Asian Couture Federation, chairman of FIDé Fashion Weeks – co-organization.

Vietnam International Fashion Week will be taking place from December 1 to 6 at Hochiminh City. In its first season, it has successfully attracted attention from world renowned designers like Antonio Grimaldi (Italy), Livia Stoianova và Yassen Samouilov (France), Zio Song (Korea), Frederick Lee (Singapore), Tamae Hirokawa (Japan), Roj Singhakul (Thailand), Thanh Nga (France), and Tsolmandakh Munkhuu (Mongolio). Representatives for Vietnamese designers are Cong Tri, Adrian Anh Tuan, Chung Thanh Phong, Hoang Hai, Hoang Minh Ha, Le Thanh Hoa, Li Lam, and Ly Giam Tien,

In the press conference, each designer presented a favorite outfit belonged to their haute couture collections in order to held the audience have better undestanding of their design style.

French designer impressed audience by his way of sophisticatedly beaded technique.

Mau Thanh Thuy presenting Frederick Lee’s outfit.

According to Asian Couture Federation, in terms of fashion, Vietnam is expected to appear as a dynamic and potential fashion industry. An haute couture dress designed by Hoang Hai.

An original two-wing-formed top designed by Cong Tri. He is one of the designers to open the fashion week.

Vietnamese designs are highly appreciated in the first showing at the second press conference for their high quality materials, original ideas, form,  technique and sophisticated handicraft. 

A design by Le Thanh Hoa

Ly Giam Tien’s design

A handicraft  design of Thanh Nga (Paris, France)

The consolidation between Viet and international fashion is considered a great opportunity for Vietnamese designers to get more attention from the world press and media. As it’s the first season of fashion week, making business has not put priority on making business. Designers are supported with expense on their showcases.