Vietnam to host the first Vietnam International Fashion Week | Vietnam International Fashion Week

Ms. Le Thi Quynh Trang – CEO of Multimedia JSC just held a press meeting on the 6th of July at Park Hyatt to announce the first Vietnam International Fashion Week which would take place this December in Vietnam.

Vietnam International Fashion Week was co-organised by FIDé Fashion Weeks and supported by  Asian Couture Federation and Atelier Chardon Savard Paris. Joining the press conference was Dr. Frank Cintamani – Chairman of FIDé Fashion Weeks and President of Asian Couture Federation as well as many influential local designers such as Do Manh Cuong, Nguyen Cong Tri, Li Lam, Le Thanh Hoa, Adrian Anh Tuan, Quynh Paris, etc.


Vietnam International Fashion Week will elevate the Vietnamese fashion industry to new heights. “In recent years, Vietnam has emerged as one of the most exciting and dynamic countries in Asia. We are delighted to have this opportunity to develop and promote its fashion industry and talent further. The combination of the very best Vietnamese talent alongside that from Asia and internationally will be a key milestone in Vietnam’s position on the world stage for fashion,” said Dr. Frank Cintamani.

At the press meeting, Cintamani has welcomed local designer Nguyen Cong Tri as the new Couturier Extraordinaire of the Asian Couture Federation after Trang was acknowledged as Governor of the federation.

After Vietnam Fashion Week, Vietnam International Fashion Week will be a new “international playground” for Vietnamese talented designers alongside the most esteemed Asian and international designers.

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